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Hello once again from E-Pak Technology, Inc., makers of the E-Pak series of evaporative chillers and chilled water plants, and the newly introduced evaporative cooled dx roof top HVAC units, evaporative condensing units and remote evaporative condensers.

Air vs Water vs ??? - There is Another Choice!

Historically, the chiller market has been separated into 2 distinct markets: air-cooled and water-cooled.  Both sellers and buyers routinely approached chiller options in a cursory manner:  Do I want the lower first cost and higher operating costs of air cooled, or do I want the higher first cost and lower energy costs of water cooled?  Quite simply, until E-PAK developed the evaporative cooled packaged chiller and chilled water plant clients only had two chilled fluid alternatives.  By combining the requisite chilled water pumps and piping with state-of-the-art technology, controls, chillers and condensers, E-PAK is changing the way buyers and sellers need to approach the market.  There is now a viable and palatable third option that needs further scrutiny before a chiller selection is made.  This option may even be a better fit for the client depending upon specific needs and budgetary allowances.

Let's compare significant attributes of the three options and allow you to see this new niche that E-PAK fills.

First Cost
E-PAK's first cost is higher than air-cooled but lower than water-cooled, especially when larger condenser pumps, piping, electrical service (more on that below)  and other field installation costs are considered.  E-PAK may not be the best choice for an absentee owner who has no interest in conserving energy and passes the cost of cooling on to the tenant, but in those instances (institutions, plants, process applications, academic buildings and all other facilities) where the owner is responsible for energy costs E-PAK may fill the niche.  These same owners may need to compare the first cost of an E-PAK with water-cooled and when total system first costs are compared E-PAK usually compare s favorably with most water-cooled systems.

At design capacity, The E-PAK system is quieter than any other system.  Air cooled, at design capacity and unattenuated can create sound in excess of 100 dB(A) at 50'.  Don't be confused by claims of lower sound when part load attributes are considered.  Water-cooled can also be higher than 75dB(A) at 50'.  E-PAK has unattenuated sound pressure readings of between 60-65dB(A) and attenuated can be lower than 50dB(A) at 50'.  We are also doing research to further lower the sound generated while increasing our air movement capabilities.  All to improve the value of E-PAK products to you and your clients.

Energy Consumption
E-PAK has the lowest system kW per ton.  Ranging from .7 to .83 kW/ton, with an average of .78kW/ton over our entire 73 model product line.  E-PAK consistently provides excellent energy consumption, especially when utility providers impose demand and ratchet penalties.  In addition, E-PAK can qualify for energy rebates in certain geographic areas, so please consult your local utility provider.  Proponents of water-cooled systems often refer to the energy consumption characteristics of centrifugal compressors, but fail to include the energy consumed by the tower pumps which may often be sized to 50HP, if the split between the chiller and tower warrants.  E-PAK's condenser pumps range from 1Hp to no larger than 5HP and can be built to be redundant.  As compared to air-cooled, an E-PAK unit will usually recover the marginal first cost difference in energy savings between one year and 18 months after purchase, even in those areas where lower enrgy rates prevail but longer cooling seasons also are the norm.  This recovery period can be further reduced if severe demand and ratchet penalties are in force.

While this term may not pass the rigors of spell check, the E-PAK chilled water plant is exactly that: a complete chiller plant on a self supporting steel skid.  All that is needed for operation is the introduction of refrigerant, and the connection of water and power.  Both water and air-cooled systems need costly field labor and time to properly create a self-contained system.  These systems usually require some interior building space, which further adds cost to the project.  At 530 plus tons, E-PAK packaged chillers and chilled water plants are the largest capacity products of its kind that can be standard shipped, i.e., without costly permits and time delays and rigged as one piece.

Do you have a client that needs cooling all the time with no interruptions?  E-PAK products have multiple independent refrigerant circuits dedicated to 2, 4 or 6 screw compressors.  Chilled water pumps are usually designed for back up or stand by status and our evaporative condenser can also be ordered with two water pumps, thus ensuring continuous lead-lag operation.  One more reason why E-PAK engineers what engineers need.

Electric Service
E-PAK's products generally require approximately one half the electric service of air-cooled and less than water-cooled.  Our single point connection allows power to be brought to the power distribution panel equipped with a main circuit breaker, thus making for a quick and safe power connection.  As a replacement to air-cooled, E-PAK can virtually double your cooling capacity without increasing the electric service.

E-PAK has relationships with some of the nation's best engineering schools who are working with E-PAK to improve product capacities and efficacy.  We are and desire to become the leading technology company in the area of cooling dynamics.  We are also in the beta testing stage of some leading edge cooling technology that could materially change the manner in which cooling occurs.

Environmentally Friendly
As a Building Star ally of EPA, E-PAK products are designed to meet demanding energy standards as well as the new ASHRAE 90.1-1999 new and existing building Standard.  E-PAK is committed to being an advocate of wise and globally sensitive energy solutions.  Please see our full and part load EERs to determine that E-PAK is serious about energy.

As you can see, the chiller market is now larger and more complex, offering your clients more options to meet their specific needs.  No longer can we routinely rely upon old thinking of water or air-cooled.  The addition of E-PAK as an alternative makes for better client service, more distinguishable cooling options and a product line that can successfully meet what the market is demanding.  Don't think air or water-cooled, think E-PAK as part of the larger market array of cooling alternatives.

New Product Developments

E-Pak is pleased to announce that it is rolling out three (3) new products:

1. Evaporative cooled DX Roof-Top HVAC Unit
This 20-120 ton equipment will contain an evaporative cooled condensing unit made by E-PAK and will be the first E-PAK unit that does not chill a fluid.  Developed as DX to refrigerant coils, it will be connected to an air-handling unit in two strategic capacities.  These air handling units could be manufactured by a national manufactuer and/or by E-PAK in conjunction with one of its strategic partners.  Basic designs are available and units are available for sale.  For sales details please contact Joe Guckin at 215.957.6661 x 2266.  Note, these units can also be designed to chill fluids for greater dispersion of cooling.

2. Remote Evaporative Condensers.
Developed at the request of several sales offices, these units contain evaporative condensers and power control panels that can be connected to remote chillers, usually indoors. The evaporative condenser packages are available with a number of options such as: stainless steel sump, water touch SS unit, copper coil, redundant condenser pumps, intake and discharge sound attenuation plenums, remote sump, sump sweeper, 2 speed or VFD fan control, multi-circuit coils and others..

3. Evaporative Condensing Units.
This product evolved as a result of an energy solution requested by a local energy company.  A number of  existing air-cooled condensing units, which were connected to a series of penthouse air-handling units, were in need of replacement.  On the advice of an energy company consultant, E-PAK was contacted to provide an evaporative cooled condensing unit to reduce energy consumption.  This event triggered E-PAK engineers to begin the development of an entire line of evaporative condensing units in capacities from 20 tons to 160 tons.

New Engineering Services Available

Specialty Air-Side Products.
As a result of customer requests we are also making available our engineering staff to design specialty air side products.  For example, we have designed a special heat recovery product to be used in a resort indoor water park that has suffered from excessive humidity conditions.  Our engineers are also working with other clients to design other innovative approaches to mechanical problems, while centering these solutions around our product line.

For Those Selling E-Pak...

  • New Sales Literature
    Our new catalogues have been printed and distributed.  Should additional catalogues be necessary, please call x2228 for copies or you can obtain the catalogue as a PDFdirectly from this link.  You'll need Acrobat Reader, which most people already have installed on their computer.  If you don't have Acrobat installed, it is a FREE download from Adobe from this link. 
  • When Cost is King
    Can't seem to meet that bid price?  Recently, a sales representative whose contractor was bidding on a specific job and needed a lower price on the E-Pak equipment to beat known competition contacted us.  The representative asked if E-Pak could reconfigure the equipment to meet the performance specified in the chiller schedule, which was significantly less than E-PAK's nominal performance and thereby less expensive. In order to assist the sales representative, we quickly reconfigured the equipment by making design modifications and other slight but cost sensitive changes.  As a result, the Saturated Condensing Temperature increased, the sales price decreased, and the sales representative and E-Pak got the job.  Please keep this scenario in mind when you bid E-Pak equipment against our competition.  If the owner has little interest in energy, we can make the equipment with the same high quality chillers, but without the many energy efficient advantages designed by E-Pak engineers.

The President's Note...

All of the E-Pak family of employees are dedicated to providing our sales representatives and their consulting engineers and owners with the best equipment in the market place.  We believe there is no substitute for quality at a fair price.  We encourage you to communicate with E-Pak to let us know how we can continue to be of service.  Our size and flexibility is purposely structured to provide you with immediate and focused access to company decision makers. We are some way from perfection, but our interest in moving towards that goal is relentless.  Your cooperation in providing us with critical performance, design and engineering observations will help us in our endeavors.  We look forward to serving you and your clients in our mutual pursuit of success.