About E-Pak

E-Pak Technology was founded to take advantage of the inherent energy efficiencies of evaporative cooled systems. The "E" in E-Pak represents evaporative which utilizes the evaporation of water (a naturally renewable resource) to reduce the consumption of electrical energy (a finite resource) and is the highest and best form of heat rejection available in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry today. In addition to E-Pak's superior energy efficiency, it's environmentally friendly refrigerant (R-134a) and unrivaled low sound levels makes E-Pak the most "environmentally friendly" chiller in the HVAC industry.

E-Pak Technology Inc. produces a line of high quality evaporative cooled package chillers and chilled water plants. These products are revolutionary air-conditioning systems for commercial, industrial and institutional use in the 20 to 550 ton capacity range. While innovative in its application and design, E-Pak prides itself on the use of proven, high quality "State of the Art" components throughout each of its product lines.

Custom Chillers without Custom Costs

With over seventy three (73) models from which to choose, there is an E-Pak Chiller or Chilled Water Plant to meet virtually any application. In addition, E-Pak Technology has the engineering expertise to make an E-Pak Chiller or Chilled Water Plant a perfect fit for your specific application.

World Class Components and World Class Service

Through an exclusive partnership agreement, E-Pak provides world-wide installation, warranty, and routine service through the major component manufacturers. E-Pak's customers enjoy the comfort and assurance that they have access to unsurpassed quality and proximate service personnel for their E-Pak unit through this exceptional service network anywhere in the world.




PA Energy Star Buildings Partner

E-Pak Technology accomplishments in the energy savings arena have been recognized by the EPA. E-Pak is a member of the Energy Star Buildings Program and has obtained the Energy Star label, signifying exemplary energy saving performance