Evaporative Condensing - The E-Chill Pak Energy Advantage

One of the keys to E-PAK's unique advantage is evaporative condensers.

While generally applied only in large field erected industrial process, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, evaporative condensers are widely used for condensing refrigerator vapor in mechanical refrigeration systems.

The inherent efficiency of evaporative condensing provides lower condensing temperatures (95 degrees) compared to other condensing methods, i.e. air cooled (115 degree F to 120 degress F) or water cooled (105 degrees F) This results in significantly reduced kW per ton ( .70 system kw per ton and 17+ system EER)

Now E-PAK offers advantages of evaporative condensing on a single skid utilizing world class components.

Below is simplified refrigerant diagram that illustrates how the E-Pak units deliver their unique advantages.