These following are real field installations that dramatically illustrate E-Pak's energy and cost savings potential.


The Park Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, CA Capacity 500 Tons with 44O LWT @ 72 degrees F WB Air on the condenser ..... Duplex 40 HP Chilled Water Pumps.

Over the years, the Park Plaza Hotel has played host to some of the most famous Hollywood elite and has been used in a variety of motion pictures, television series and commercials. Built in 1925 in the Neo-Gothic style, the Park Plaza was created by renowned art deco architect Claud Beelman. The above photo shows the E-Pak Model ECC490-470L chilled water plant being rigged into place as a complete unit on the roof on a Monday and the Park Plaza was producing chilled water on Friday of the same week, just in time for their big Cinco de Mayo weekend celebration.

Case #2 - CritiCool Chilled Water Plant

New Jersey State Police Technology Center Trenton, NJ (2) 530 ton E-Pak Model ECC 530-288LST Chilled Water Plants with dual condenser cells and condenser pumps. With 44O F LWT at 78O F outdoor Wet Bulb, 0.83 total system kW per ton and 14.6 EER.

The "New Jersey State Police Technology Center" is the Homeland Security, 911 center and includes the forensic labs and data center for the State of New Jersey. It is a "Mission Critical" facility.

The E-Pak Chiller Plant shown above is equipped with (2) independent chiller modules inside the chiller enclosure with each connected to its own dedicated two circuit condenser, constructed with 304 SS for corrosion protection. Each of the two condensers are shown with individual water treatment control systems and condenser spray water pumps. (duplicate stand-by condenser spray water pump assemblies may be installed on the opposite end of the condensers to provide additional redundancy) Each chiller module is equipped with (3) screw compressors and a (2) circuit flooded evaporator. Duplex Power Distribution Centers (one for each chiller system) are provided to allow power feed from separate power sources.

Since this installation is located in an area which is subject to freezing winter temperatures each chiller/condenser system is equipped with a freeze protection system to prevent system freeze-up during freezing temperatures.

With redundancy and reliability as a design priority, E-Pak provided 1,060 tons of chiller capacity with (12) highly reliable screw compressors on (8) independent refrigerant circuits and (4) distinct chiller systems.

Case #3 - E-Pak vs. Water Cooled

65 Unit Condominium Building, Phila, Pa
Capacity 145 Tons with 44 degrees LWT @ 78 degrees F WB Air on the condenser ..... Replacement of (2) McQuay 75-ton water-cooled centrifugal chillers

The condominium board had received bids from several mechanical contractors, based upon bid documents prepared by consulting engineers, for the replacement of the existing (17) year old McQuay water cooled centrifugal water chillers and the existing cooling tower.  Since these were comparable to the cost of the E-Pak installation, the consulting engineers recommended E-Pak for its dramatic energy savings.

The rate analysis prepared by PECO Energy Company projected annual energy cost savings of $14,000 through the application of E-Pak.

Based upon an annual savings of $14,000.00 and a purchase price of $85,000.00, the E-Pak will pay for Itself through the energy cost saved within (6) years.

Case #4 -  E-Pak vs. Air Cooled

A publishing Company - Phila., Pa.
Printing & Binding of Bibles
Capacity 202.8 Tons with 44 degrees F LWT @ 78 degrees F WB Air on the Condenser
E-Pak. ECT-205-310L

The input load profile data was developed using the Trane Company load estimate software in conjunction with the 30 year weather data file developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The load profile data, converted to equivalent energy consumption in KW-hrs. for the respective chiller equipment (Air cooled vs. the E-Pak evaporative cooled) based upon the published equipment ratings, and was then processed by PECO Energy Company, the publishing company's energy supplier, to formulate an estimate of their monthly electric bill for each of the chiller systems.

The publishing company's rate analysis:

The rate analysis prepared by PECO Energy Company for this 200 ton chiller installation is based upon a 5 day/week chiller operation in lieu of the normal 7 day/week operation and provides for chiller shutdown when the outdoor temperature is 55 degrees F or lower for air unit economizer operation.

These conditions constitute an extraordinarily low load profile of 276,000-ton hours for this 200-ton unit while a more normal air conditioning load profile would be approximately 400,000 to 450,000 ton hours with economizer operation.

PECO Estimate of E-Pak Energy Savings = $25,000.00 per year

Adjustment for 7 day operation

$25,000.00 x 7/5 = $35,000.00

Based upon an annual savings of $35,000.00 for a normal 7-day load profile and a purchase price of $128,000.00, E-Pak will pay for Itself through the energy cost saved in 3.6 years.

These examples of E-Pak energy savings are based upon PECO Energy Company rates.  While E-Pak's performance and efficiencies will remain consistent with its published ratings, the actual dollar savings will vary with the rate structure of individual local utilities at the installation site